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You won’t believe what happened to this Texas farm.

    Another look at the mobile home

    Moving is never easy. Although a house is just a building material, many find it difficult to leave their beloved home. Residents of the American city of Plano must have thought the same of Collingwood House, a historic 1861 farmhouse. The building was supposed to be demolished, but the residents of the city decided to keep it. However, this meant that it had to be moved to another location… The Council decided not to demolish the building at the last moment.

    $3.5 million

    The city of Plano bought the land on which the 1861 farm was built in 2009. They had plans to restore the historic building, which is mostly made of wood. However, these plans were canceled due to the people of Plano voting against it. The house, estimated at $3.5 million, was due for demolition. Continue reading on the next page.

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